90 Miles From Tyranny : Kayleigh McEnany claps back at Leftist Schill Chris Wallace: ‘Journalists not above being questioned’

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Kayleigh McEnany claps back at Leftist Schill Chris Wallace: ‘Journalists not above being questioned’

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany shot down criticism from Fox News host Chris Wallace for claiming that she was out of line in her responses to reporters during a Friday press conference.

During his “Fox News Sunday” program, Wallace devoted a segment to blast McEnany’s performance, saying her remarks about reporters seemingly not being interested in the reopening of churches around the country shuttered during the coronavirus pandemic were inappropriate.

“I spent six years in the White House Briefing Room covering Ronald Reagan. I have to say, I never, and, in the years since too, I never saw a White House press secretary act like that,” Wallace said.

Later in the segment, Wallace chastised the White House press secretary for “lecturing” veteran political reporters when she read off a list of questions she feels they ought to be asking regarding the scandalous treatment of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn by the Obama administration since most of the outlets they work for have...

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  1. Thanks for confirming what a great job she is doing ya beady eyed leftist tool. :)

  2. And exactly what investigative story has Chris Wallace broke in the past 40 years? The way I see it a reporter for the Presidential press briefings is being spoon fed on what to report. Not much skill necessary.

  3. Leftists never like it when their incompetence is thrown at them for the world to see. And from a woman no less. McEnany must be doing a great job if they are all in a dither over her comments. Keep up the great work on behalf of President Trump and the American people.

  4. Chris, you are a total tool. Go away, and take your socialist ass hats with you.... You are an anti American POS, we don't need you here. You can go to China and report their crap all you want. Good Bye!!!!!


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