90 Miles From Tyranny : MSNBC Reporter Claims “Protests” Aren’t “Unruly” as Building Literally Burns Behind Him

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Friday, May 29, 2020

MSNBC Reporter Claims “Protests” Aren’t “Unruly” as Building Literally Burns Behind Him

Look behind you!

The media’s bias in attempting to portray last night’s chaotic riots as a legitimate “protest” came to the fore when an MSNBC reporter said the demonstrations were not “unruly,” even as a building ferociously burned behind him.

Minneapolis was hit by its worst night of riots yet as what President Trump later described as “thugs” set a police precinct on fire as cops were forced to flee. The violent unrest spread to numerous other cities across the country.

What began as a protest has clearly turned into one of the most violent riots in modern American history, although you wouldn’t know it by watching MSNBC.

“I want to be clear on how I characterize this,” said reporter Ali Velshi while describing events on the ground. “This is mostly a protest. It is not generally speaking unruly.”

He said this while a building was being literally consumed by fire right behind...

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Mike said...

This is MSDNC. What do you expect>

Mark Matis said...

If only that burning building were the pig sty. With all the "Law Enforcement" still inside!

WDS said...

Another lying Kenyan. It must be an inbred dominant trait in the genes

Noor al Haqiqa said...

This is simply what the Dems want you to believe as they slaughter you in your sleep. No danger at all!