90 Miles From Tyranny : President Trump Breaks Silence on Minnesota, Threatens to Take Federal Control of Chaos

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Friday, May 29, 2020

President Trump Breaks Silence on Minnesota, Threatens to Take Federal Control of Chaos

Trump’s had enough.

President Donald Trump broke his silence on the Minneapolis riots on Thursday night, threatening to send in a greater presence of National Guard troops if local authorities continue to fail to control the situation. Trump hadn’t previously mentioned the volatile situation, although he had tweeted about George Floyd’s death.

Trump cited the city’s far-left progressive mayor, Jacob Frey, as an example of failed leadership. Riotous crowds set a police precinct ablaze on Thursday, with law enforcement wholly abandoning control of the public building to the belligerent crowd.

In a following tweet, the President spelled out potential consequences for those engaging in criminal behavior in the city, stating that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

The President had earlier ordered an expedited federal investigation into the death of George Lloyd, a black man killed during a questionable arrest that brought about the riots. Sadly, it appears many Minneapolis residents have chosen to resort to wanton destruction and endangering the lives of others as a result of Lloyd’s death.

At least one man has already been shot and killed as a result of ...


Spin said...

President Trump, "Minneapolis, we can send in more National Guard." Minneapolis, "No need, we have Roof Top Karens."

Anonymous said...

"the use of live ammunition has been authorized"

On the one hand I completely understand the frustration. What I don't understand is why they persist in burning down their own neighborhoods. Completely nonsensical. Last night the burned the 3rd Police Precinct building. That should have been the first building to burn.

As to the press conference last night where the State AG and the U.S. attorney spouted platitudes about "Justice", the very first thing they should have done is perp walked those fookin cops right there, right then. If ANY OTHER CITIZEN HAD DONE WHAT THOSE COPS HAD DONE, those citizens would be sitting in the slam on $50 MILLION bail for the charge of MURDER. Doesn't matter if it was 1st or second degree. All four of those cops should be in jail. The kneeler for 2nd minimum and the rest for aiding and abetting, in addition to murder 2nd. After all, if the can charge a robber's pals with murder when one of them kills someone in the commission of the robbery, what's different in this situation?

The AG and the U.S. attorney could have quelled most of last night's violence by arresting all of the cops present that stood idly by and watched.

Cops aren't going to learn their lesson until a bunch of them start doing LONG HARD TIME or swing.

Time for an end to sovereign immunity.