90 Miles From Tyranny : New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Now Oppose Black Lives Matter

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Now Oppose Black Lives Matter

Numbers have flipped since early June.

After enjoying a surge in support following the death of George Floyd, a new polls reveals that a majority of Americans now oppose the Black Lives Matter movement.

The survey, conducted by Civiqs, shows that in early June, 44 per cent of Americans supported BLM and 34 per cent opposed it.

However, those numbers have now changed, with 41 per cent supporting BLM and 44 per cent opposing the movement.

“This is a return to normalcy more than anything,” commented one Twitter user in response to the poll.

The flip in support has no doubt been fueled by almost two months of rioting, looting and statues being torn down across America.

Despite the public now turning against the movement, giant corporations continue to...

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  1. Those pollsters don't talk to real "whites", or us others. The real numbers are less than 10% dems, and a smaller portion of the other parties. Mexicans just shove them out, as in Compton. They aren't afraid to do what it takes. If too, being brown, they aren't held to any standards, or legality. But they aren't on their lazy side either. So few actually care, it will get ugly for them and theirs if cops are actually defunded.

  2. And everyone lies to polsters regarding anything racial because they don't want to seem bigoted.



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