90 Miles From Tyranny : Somali rapist – a repeat offender – sentenced for rape of 9-year-old Swedish girl

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Somali rapist – a repeat offender – sentenced for rape of 9-year-old Swedish girl

In Sweden, the pedophile and repeat offender Ahmed Mahamoud, 39, was sentenced on Monday to eleven years in prison for a sadistic and brutal assault rape against a 9-year-old Swedish girl in Kimstad in Norrköping municipality.

During a police interrogation, the girl, who was strangled by the pedophile during the rape, said her whole body started trembling: “It felt like I was going to die.” The convicted Somali rapist threatened, stabbed, strangled and forced the girl to drink muddy water from a puddle before sexually assaulting her. But establishment media in Sweden, such as the Aftonbladet pixelated pictures of the pedophile rapist.

Forensic pathologists have described the girl’s symptoms as evidence that she was close to being strangled to unconsciousness and that the act could entail “a significant risk that the plaintiff was put in a life-threatening condition”.

Before leaving his victim, he said that “if you say anything to the police or your parents, I will kill your whole family”.

Two witnesses discovered the little girl who was muddy from head to toe, crying with blood on her face. She told them that she had been kidnapped and that the man had a knife. When she described the man to them as dark-skinned, the two immediately realized that they had just seen the man walking along the road towards the station. They called 112 immediately and police were alerted to the scene.

The little girl’s mobile phone that Ahmed had taken from her, was found in his jacket, but Ahmed denied the crime. Even after the police were able to link his DNA and semen to the girl, he claimed: “Why would I commit such a terrible crime and leave so many traces behind?”

He received Swedish citizenship in 2014 and works as an interpreter of Somali.

He was sentenced on 25 June 2018 by Norrköping District Court to one year and nine months in prison for a previous rape of a young Swdish girl. After serving his sentence, he evidently started looking for...

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