90 Miles From Tyranny : NFL To Transform Fields, Player Helmets Into Black Lives Matter Billboards

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

NFL To Transform Fields, Player Helmets Into Black Lives Matter Billboards

The NFL will display the slogans “End Racism” and “It Takes All of Us” in all teams’ end zones during their opening games this season. Despite previous rules against decorations on helmets, the league will also now allow players to display the names or initials of “victims of racism.”

“The NFL informed clubs today of plans to amplify its social justice initiatives, including helmet decals and signage in end zones for kickoff games and club home openers,” tweeted NFL reporter Tom Pelissero.

The announcement comes as the NFL continues to promote itself as a platform for “social justice initiatives” such as playing “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” a spiritual sometimes called the black national anthem, at every first game of the season. The league also continues to promote its “Inspire Change” campaign designed to “support programs and initiatives that reduce barriers to opportunity” in “education and economic advancement, police and community relations, and criminal justice reform.”

“As we continue to amplify and elevate the NFL’s ongoing and long-term commitment to social justice, we will be incorporating several prominent elements on the field, into all broadcasts and across league and club platforms to begin the NFL season and beyond,” read the memo. “In developing these concepts, we have worked directly with players and received input from the NFLPA.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell previously expressed his desire for the NFL to “improve and go forward for a better and more united NFL family” in...

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  2. I foresee viewership delving into minus numbers if that's possible. Bonus: they could have Hillary Rodham Cankles reprise her "I ain't no ways tired, I come too farrrr" speech instead of that disgusting and hated national anthem.

  3. I will be able to tell my grandchildren about the time America was so racist that it paid minorities millions of dollars each to play football, basketball, baseball and other sports and how it all ended when the relaxation of watching sports became too political to watch in peace.

  4. What is this NFL you speak of ?

  5. National Felons League.

  6. It's going to free up a lot of time. In retrospect, does anyone remember who won the super bowl five years ago? I wasted time watching spoiled, wealthy, athletes playing a child's game. Win your time back, do something with family and friends. End habits that lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Be active.


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