90 Miles From Tyranny : Trump motivated by army of doctors, triggers Left with tweet binge on hydroxychloroquine evidence

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Trump motivated by army of doctors, triggers Left with tweet binge on hydroxychloroquine evidence

Dr. Stella Immanuel successfully treated 350 coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine, which was approved by the FDA in 1955 to treat malaria. It is also widely used to treat the auto-immune diseases lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Leftists got triggered after President Trump retweeted a series of unrelated posts showing that hydroxychloroquine works to prevent and cure the coronavirus in a statistically-significant number of patients.

Among the tweets was a video of Dr. Stella Immanuel of Rehoboth Medical Center in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Immanuel said she effectively treated 350 patients with hydroxychloroquine.

“Any study that says hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work is fake science!” Dr. Immanuel said at the White Coat Summit in Washington. “I want them to show me how it doesn’t work. How is it going to work for my 350 patients? They are all alive! Then somebody says it doesn’t work? Guys, all them studies: fake science.”

At the White Coat Summit, a group of physicians who effectively treated coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine slammed the Left’s demonization of the drug, which has been shown effective for off-label use to treat COVID-19.

Numerous medical experts have said that hydroxychloroquine is most effective when administered to COVID-19 patients early on after their diagnosis or as a preventative measure. When hydroxychloroquine is given to patients who are in the advanced stages, it is less effective.

“Reminder: 62 studies confirm the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine. Deafening silence of the Mainstream Media.”

“6,000 doctors surveyed across the world all said hydroxychloroquine works in COVID patients. Multiple Studies in France found it effective. And yet here in America, it is being suppressed to keep deaths high so the economy can be shut down ahead of the election. It’s sick!”

“Tens of 1,000s with COVID-19 are dying. It can be reversed easily and quickly.”

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