90 Miles From Tyranny : Fourth Grade Teacher Details How Schools Push Ban History And Leftist Agendas

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Fourth Grade Teacher Details How Schools Push Ban History And Leftist Agendas

'The parents don't even know what's going on because it's all at school,' says a fourth grade teacher in an interview. 'The parents question very little and they just assume the teacher knows what they're doing.'

While a world without textbooks or homework and where getting the wrong answer is celebrated may sound like an elementary student’s fantasy, that becoming reality would damage a generation of young minds. However, that is exactly what is happening in public elementary schools.

I recently spoke with a fourth grade teacher from the midwest, who shared her experiences of curriculum shifting from history and science and towards political indoctrination, to the detriment of students’ learning. For this person’s privacy, she will remain nameless.

In supervising fourth grade, she teaches a little of everything: math, reading, language arts, social studies, and science. Recently her school district, like many others, switched to “integrated curriculum.”

On paper, an integrated curriculum sounds like a fair idea: learning subjects by exploring their intersections to deepen understanding. However, in practice, the curriculum all but eradicates history, and works to push politics on impressionable children.

The teacher said, “It says ‘integrated curriculum,’ and some of its science, and some of its social studies but it really isn’t. It’s more of a push for the progressive movement.” Her curriculum was fundamentally altered by it. The school district’s new curricula is online, gives outsiders the ability to dictates curriculum to teachers. This teacher’s science and history classes were gutted.
History Deemed Expendable

In history, she used to teach government, the explorers, and the Civil wWr, from a nuanced perspective that is still accessible to her young students. She told me:
I used to do a whole unit an Abraham Lincoln, and for some reason it’s just all of that is gone, based on integrated curriculum. When you look at our curriculum, they’ve removed everything that was in the textbook. They say, ‘Don’t use the textbook, and you don’t need to teach that anymore.’

The kids are missing out on learning why there was a civil war in the first place. They don’t learn the true meaning of slavery and how it got resolved, because it’s just disappeared from the curriculum.

The only thing I can teach in social studies was a little bit of government. There wasn’t anything anymore about the Civil War; that was completely gone. I felt bad about that.

I spoke to a friend, who’s a fifth-grade teacher, and her Revolutionary War unit was gone. She used to do a great job on the colonists of America.

Science Replaced With Propaganda

Before integrated curriculum began, this teacher engaged her students in an array of American history, focusing on the Civil War, the states, and government. In the new curriculum, however:

My last unit of teaching was just a long unit on petroleum and how bad it was. It would talk about oil spills. We’d have an experiment that kids have to mix tempera paint and oil to simulate an oil spill, so when that happened, the kids would see how awful it was on plants and animals.

In reality, these are few and far between, where we have oil spills and causing great damage. But they take something that was awful that happened back in history, we’ll take that and say, ‘This is why no one should never use oil or gas.’

They’re trying to tell the kids that you are bad if you think that you should drive a car or a school bus without it being with renewable energy. I’m teaching renewable energy in the 4th grade and feeling that is there should be a debate on...

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Antidote said...

I taught mine history when they got home.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Common Core. The images are long gone, but the words and information, the quotes alone, in this old piece will explain it alllllllllll.

Reading, writing, mathematics are 'mere fetishes' that are not needed, in fact, keep the bees from their labours.


Anonymous said...

Parents. it is your responsibility to guide your children and look at what the education system is teaching. Without you, the knowledge you learned is not taught in public school something as a parent my Husband and I found out.

I do not trust the education system as it has changed so much since I was in school. So much is left out which in the long run destroys a nation. Other nations make sure children are taught to respect the nation that has changed here in the United States.

As adults now my children have done a 180 on what they were taught and as their parents we always encouraged them to research everything, question everything. We had discussions, debates and continue to do so. Learning does not stop when you stop going to school, learning is a everyday event if one is open enough and seriously willing to learn each and everyday to seek a truth or to clarify a question.