90 Miles From Tyranny : Joe Is Apparently A Morning Person...

Monday, September 28, 2020

Joe Is Apparently A Morning Person...

His Campaign Shuts Down At 9:30 am ...


  1. we still have 24+ hours for Joe and the HO to get the virus or at least be exposed.
    We ( whomever WE is ) need to put a "lid" on Joe and the debate.

  2. It's called 'sundowners' and it is a proven medical thing. The dementia or alzheimer's gets worse as the day goes on. Sharpest around breakfast and then....

    Friggin nationally televised case of elder abuse. People ought to be shamed at the least. If I did this to one of my family members, I'd be arrested.

  3. My theory is sundowner syndrome is caused by progressive dehydration over the day. If you are tired of getting up many times at night to pee you stop drinking early in the day so over time your blood chemistry gets out of whack and your brain quits working.

    First thing in the morning you have some OJ or coffee and you are back on track.

    During my father's last days I knew he had a UTI and was dehydrated when he become less rational. Once we fixed the medical issues he was back on a more even keel.

    1. I totally agree Rick. If Biden is crapping out that early in the morning, his condition is getting
      worse. I used to work in a nursing home/sanitarim and he will be toast in a primetime debate.

    2. A little adderal, he’ll be good as new.

    3. I have to disagree.
      I believe it is nerve related.
      The pathways in the brain become numbed as the day goes on, and rejuvenate as we are resting/sleeping.
      I base this on my 66 year old hearing, which gets worse as the day goes by, culminating in having the TV sound set on 50 or more at night, while having to set it at 25 or less first thing in the morning.
      I'm not a neurologist, but I did social distance at a Holiday Inn last week.
      I, also, did find out that masks work due to the fact that everybody there had a mask on except me, and I feel fine.

    4. Bullshit comes in through the ears Handy, not the airway.

  4. Has anybody been considering that maybe they're shifting his body clock so that he's at his best at night? Have him sleep all day, get up at 7PM and prepare for the debate, which his body clock will think is the right time of day. At the worst, that takes a day per time zone. How long have they been shutting down in the morning? A week? 12 days, so that he gets up at 6 or 7 PM instead of 6 or 7 AM?


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