90 Miles From Tyranny : Biden’s Biggest Fundraisers are Tied to Islamic Terrorists

Monday, November 2, 2020

Biden’s Biggest Fundraisers are Tied to Islamic Terrorists

Joe Biden had spent the entire election hiding the names of his bundlers, the big money fundraisers who fueled his campaign, until releasing them right before Election Day.

What did he have to hide?

The list of bundlers who managed to raise at least $100,000 for Biden includes some of the usual Democrat politicians and big party donors, along with some other names.

Like that of Jamal Abdi.

Abdi is the executive director of NIAC Action and the former policy director of the National Iranian American Council, often referred to as the Iran Lobby.

NIAC Action is the lobbying arm of NIAC and despite claiming to represent the Persian diaspora in America, Iranian-Americans have accused it of echoing the talking points of Iran’s regime. Members of the democratic opposition to the Islamist regime have even helped spread the #niaclobbies4mullahs hashtag across Twitter which was tweeted as much as 300,000 times.

“The NIAC pretends to support the interests of Iranians who reside in the US but, in practice, it aims to protect the interests of the Islamic Republic,” Shervan Fashandi, a member of the opposition to the regime, has said.

Earlier this year, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Tom Cotton had sent a letter to the Justice Department urging an investigation of NIAC and NIAC Action for violating FARA by lobbying for a foreign country without officially registering as foreign agents. The letter noted that "NIAC's relationship with the Iranian regime and its role amplifying regime propaganda in the United States have been the subject of discussion in Washington D.C. for years."

Iran is an Islamic terror state responsible for the murder of Americans around the world.

Joe Biden is no stranger to the Iran Lobby. He had celebrated the Islamic takeover of Iran. During the Iran Hostage Crisis, opposed the rescue of American hostages, and called for an end to pro-democracy broadcasts into Iran and for admitting the terror state into the WTO.

Early in the century, he had also raised sizable amounts of money and headlined an event for the American Iranian Council whose founder had run for the presidency of...

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