90 Miles From Tyranny : Why Safeguarding Our Elections Matters...

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Why Safeguarding Our Elections Matters...

In the American Revolution, people gave up their lives to secure our system of government. During the women’s suffrage movement, some protested and risked it all so women could participate in elections. And during the civil rights movement, some endured violence and prosecution to secure the right to vote.

Americans throughout history have made tremendous sacrifices to safeguard our democratic republic—and with it, the right to vote. We cannot disregard their sacrifice or squander their precious gift to us.

Today, the threat to our voting system is election fraud. This is a very real issue, as recognized by the Supreme Court. Every instance of fraud undermines the efforts so many Americans have made to earn their right to vote.

Steps must be taken to combat fraud and other weaknesses in our electoral system that could result in stolen votes and elections.

Nobody knows for sure how much election fraud actually is committed. But it is beyond dispute that American elections are vulnerable to fraud and administrative errors that could make the difference in a close election—especially in state and local elections, and even federal elections. Example: the 9th Congressional District race in North Carolina that was overturned in 2018 due to absentee ballot fraud and illegal vote harvesting.
Election Fraud Denial Also a Serious Threat

Despite the threat that fraud poses to our democratic republic, the left consistently denies the existence of election fraud. Even after being presented with case after case after case of evidence, those on the left often dismiss the problem as “not widespread” enough to warrant action.

How “widespread” does it have to be before it should be taken seriously? I doubt the voters of the 9th Congressional District share that attitude, or the voters of Paterson, New Jersey, where a new municipal election recently was ordered due to absentee ballot fraud that tainted the results.

To say that “widespread” is the only criteria worth considering is absurd.

The Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database demonstrates that there are many ways to engage in election fraud, and that it occurs often enough that we should be concerned about it and should try to address it. Media attacks on the database have not been able to find a single instance of...

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