90 Miles From Tyranny : Mick Mulvaney ‘absolutely’ expects Trump to be ‘leading GOP candidate’ in 2024

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Mick Mulvaney ‘absolutely’ expects Trump to be ‘leading GOP candidate’ in 2024

If the Great Heist of 2020 is successful, and the longer the counts drag out the better the odds are, imagine the reaction from the corrupt media cabal when Donald Trump is elected president once more in 2024.

A prospect that may very well happen, according to former acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.

Speculating on what would happen if Trump loses the election, Mulvaney talked about who the leading Republican candidate might be in 2024.

“Now, folks are starting to realize, ‘Wait a second, if Donald Trump loses he might be the guy,’ and I’m telling you absolutely,” he said, in a webinar hosted by the Institute for International and European Affairs.
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“I would absolutely expect the president to stay involved in politics and would absolutely put him on the shortlist of people who are likely to run in 2024,” he added. “He doesn’t like losing.”

Mulvaney described Trump as a “very high-energy 74-year-old,” adding he expects the president to be “further engaged in 2024 or 2028 if he were to lose this next election.”

He also noted that Trump would be younger than Biden currently is.

“Plus, don’t lose sight of the fact that he will be, I think, technically younger than Joe Biden is four years from now,” said the former director of...

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  1. BS. If the dems get away with this they'll have the entire fed government over the next couple elections. Also notice how none of the republicans are bitching.

  2. What kid said, only it won't be for decades. It will be until the revolution. Biden isn't the proposed ruler, nor Harris, but China... and to a degree much of the rest of the corrupted world. I'm not sure Trump would be alive in 2024, definitely not in a Biden win.

  3. I doubt the United States will be a going concern come 2024. We'd all better learn to speak Mandarin...

  4. So mulvaney thinks if they get away with this level of cheating this time.
    They’re going to allow a honest election in ‘24?
    How fuckin stupid is this man?

  5. Kinda cute...they think there's going to be an election in 2024.
    LOL...yeah, right.

  6. Trump won't be eligible for election in 2024 because he can only serve 2 terms.

  7. That's what they thought in 2000. Fact is, the longer this drags out, the more comes to light.

    Trump's had 4 years to plan for this and he has.

    Did you know all of his SCUS appointees worked on the 2000 recount?


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