90 Miles From Tyranny : BrainPOP markets BLM propaganda to school kids; shaming white children goes into overdrive...

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Friday, November 27, 2020

BrainPOP markets BLM propaganda to school kids; shaming white children goes into overdrive...

White elementary school kids are itching to kill black people – and “gleefully soak(ing) in their whitewashed history that downplays the holocaust of indigenous native peoples and Africans in the Americas.”

So says the New York City school system.

No wonder Megyn Kelly – along with her kids – has decided to escape New York. A place where her kids are the object of official race vitriol produced by Nahliah Webber, the executive of something called the Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN). It sounds bland but it’s as radical – and racial – as it gets.

An open letter written by Webber was distributed by the administrators of the NY school attended by Kelly’s young children that contained barely-veiled threats of physical violence directed at all children guilty of the crime of being born white.

“There is a killer cop sitting in every school where white children learn.”

“They happily believe their all-white spaces exist as a matter of personal effort and willingly use violence against black bodies to keep those spaces white.”

“Where’s the urgency for school reform for white kids being indoctrinated in black death and protected from the consequences?”

And then:

White children are left unchecked and unbothered in their schools, homes and communities to join, advance and protect systems that take away black life.

This bothered Kelly so much that she decided it was time to check out – of NYC. “It’s out of control on so many levels,” she said the other day on her podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show. “After years of resisting it, we’re going to leave the city . . . the schools (here) have always been far-left . . . but they’ve gone around the bend.”

But where to go?

Don’t go down to Sarasota County, Florida – where the weather’s warm but the racial bullying is hotter. White kids there are also being taught racial shame – for their being white – via a video produced by something called BrainPOP, which sounds benign, like the ‘70s “Schoolhouse Rock” cartoons that taught kids about conjunction junction, what’s your function. This one lectures white kids for almost ten minutes about the guilt they bear for being part of the “structural racism” and “built-in system of bias” that “makes life easier for white people” and “harder for black people.”

Implicit in this being that life must be made harder for white people.

Beginning with the racial shaming of white children, most of whom are probably as baffled by the accusations leveled at them as they are about being forced to wear a “mask” to “stop the spread” of a virus that poses less threat to them than after-school football practice.

The video is a masterpiece of Marxist propaganda, down to the stylized, technicolor portrayal of saints of the movement such as George Floyd – the man who didn’t deserve to die with a knee on his neck but also doesn’t deserve the grotesque deification bestowed upon him as a caring father and solid citizen.

The man was no Martin Luther King. He was a violent thug and convicted felon who held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly and abandoned his own child, leaving the mother to care for it.

Such a man is hardly a candidate for sainthood – except insofar as he serves a purpose.

No mention in the BrainPOP video, either, of the diverse group of cops involved in the incident – including the diversity of the family of the cop who has been charged with murdering Floyd. Mentioning his non-white wife (and the non-white other cops at the scene) would present a less black-and-white story.

The “protests” which came in the wake of the death of Floyd were also “peaceful,” according to the the video. People very peacefully walking out of looted stores with flat-screen TVs, compensation for the sins of “structural racism” – paid for by people who never heard of it and didn’t have anything to do with it.

Like Kelly, Sarasota parents have had their fill of racist vitriol and shaming of their kids, too.

“You want to take my money? Teach my child? Then “teach my child – don’t indoctrinate him with your beliefs and your political agenda,” an angry Ashley Cote told the School Board at a recent meeting at which parents expressed their horror at the vilification of their children – and being forced to pay for it, via the taxes they thought they paid to support the education of their kids, not the force-feeding of a “radical left-wing agenda.”

Like the one peddled by “racial sensitivity trainer” Sharroky Hollie, who had her taxpayer-funded contract with the school system terminated after word got out about just exactly what those taxpayers were being forced to...

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Old Tech said...

As a child, I never once thought of exterminating a different race.
As an adult, I would not object to exterminating Commies.

matism said...

Smash the filthy tribe swill and stack their corpses in Times Square. Nothing will change for the better until then.

They yearn for the "good old days" of their Messiahs - Lenin and Stalin - who they helped murder FIFTY MILLION across Russia and Eastern Europe. But those do not count since they were mostly only Goyim!!! And THEY run the education system in the US!!!

William said...

"A nation divided..." This is what many want to happen. Maybe we DO need a reset. A reset back to the Constitution. King really did have a point, "The content of character". Bad times are coming. Alas for our sins we shall pay.

Mat Wall said...

Lighten up Love. That display made me vomit. But it is not us.