90 Miles From Tyranny : On Trump's Declaration of a National Emergency...

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

On Trump's Declaration of a National Emergency...


  1. I'd really check this woman out. While she may, or may not, have a point... I don't believe she is anything but an enemy of president Trump. Watch that one. Look into her past, who she works with, and what she does.

  2. EXCELLENT ARTICLE!! In One Word: BRILLIANT!! or maybe, MASTERFUL! He has had this covered since September 2018. The 2018 election was the Test-Bed. He knew what they were doing and watched to see how they were doing it. He then sprung the trap in 2020. General Flynn is Pardoned, and the GAG ORDER is Null and Void. He KNOWS EXACTLY WHERE ALL THEIR BODIES/SKELLETNS are buried, and by whom, when, and why. Break out the Popcorn. We are going to like the way this show ends.


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