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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Report Claims Fox News Is Blacklisting Guests Who Appear on Newsmax TV...

According to far-left CNN, Fox News is “encouraging” people who appear on Fox to blacklist Newsmax TV.

CNNLOL reports that Fox is feeling the ratings heat from Newsmax, so, “Producers on some Fox programs have been told to monitor Newsmax’s guest bookings and throw some sand in Newsmax’s gears by encouraging guests who appear on both channels to stop saying yes to the upstart.”

Of course, “encouraging” is just another way to say that Fox is threatening to blacklist those who appear on Newsmax. Per CNNLOL, “producers were told to avoid some regular guests if they kept showing up on Newsmax after being encouraged to stop.”

Yeah, that’s blacklisting.

Fox News denies all of this, but Fox News lies…

Then again, CNNLOL lies, most especially Brian “Tater” Stelter, who wrote this piece.

So who knows what the truth is. It’s just fun to watch two of America’s biggest villains throw poop at one another.

There are a lot of reports out there about Fox’s cratering ratings. The truth, though, is that we just don’t know yet, and really won’t know until the presidential election is settled. The news cycle is too insane to get a bead on anything, and whenever I see a report about FOX NEWS RATINGS COLLAPSE, it’s based on a single day, usually a Friday or weekend day, which makes for a nice headline — hey, I clicked — but reeks of cherry-picking.

What we do know is that the ratings for Fox’s right-of-center cable competition (Newsmax, OAN) are up, and that increase has to come from at least some from Fox News’s bleeding. Tee hee.

The great Ace of Spades noticed something else in this CNNLOL report, and that’s how — just like leftists — Fox News “insiders” demean the people at Newsmax as “far-right” and “fringe,” and their own viewers as “radicalized.”

From the CNNLOL report: “Sources at Fox derided Newsmax as ‘far-right’ and ‘fringe’ and they singled out [Greg] Kelly for particular criticism… ‘Our audience has absolutely been radicalized,’ one longtime on-air staffer at Fox said.”

These “insiders” also attacked Fox Business superstar Maria Bartiromo — one of the rare journalists out there with the moral courage to...

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curious observant said...

Sorry: Don't believe anything that comes from CNN.

edstafford said...

Let them blacklist, nobody is watching anyway. Thanks Newsmax.