90 Miles From Tyranny : George Conway: 'Key Political Question' For U.S. Going Forward Is How to 'Deprogram' 75M Trump Voters

Thursday, November 19, 2020

George Conway: 'Key Political Question' For U.S. Going Forward Is How to 'Deprogram' 75M Trump Voters

The "key political question for our country going forward" is how best to brainwash 75 million Trump voters into submission, according to Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway.

Conway made the comment on Wednesday in response to Washington Monthly writer and DNC Member David Atkins writing on Twitter: "No seriously...how *do* you deprogram 75 million people? Where do you start? Fox? Facebook? We have to start thinking in terms of post-WWII Germany or Japan. Or the failures of Reconstruction in the South."

"This is the key political question for our country going forward," Conway said, concurring that Trump voters should be treated like enemy powers defeated in a war.

German prisoners of war were imprisoned in open-air death camps like the one above after World War II

Incidentally, Conway can't even control the behavior of his own daughter so I'm not sure how he expects to do any different with 75 million Americans.

That said, here's some of what entailed the denazification process in Germany:

The Nazi Party was banned and advocating National Socialist ideas was made punishable by death.

The Swastika symbol and other Nazi emblems were banned in public.

Germans were made to complete questionnaires about the extent of their involvement in Nazism.

Ex-Nazis were taken on tours of concentration camps or made to watch video clips of Jewish prisoners.
The equivalent process here in America would involve killing Trump supporters who refuse to embrace globalism, banning American/Trump flags, subjecting Trump supporters to show trials and Truth and Reconciliation commissions and forcing us all to attend critical race theory brainwashing courses like...

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    HE-heee... Wheeee... HoooBoy...

  2. I am all for banning the US version of the National Socialist Party, aka Democrat Party and making participation in it punishable by death. And make all socialists fill out questionnaires and make them watch videos of abortions of live babies at PP. Sounds like a good idea.

  3. It's easy, George. You only need to let us vent our frustrations by allowing us to exercise our 2A rights. Don't worry, we'll stay well within the wishes of our Founding Fathers.

  4. You can start by gently fucking yourself with a chainsaw.

  5. You can start by gently fucking yourself with a chainsaw.

  6. I love how all these DemonRATS love to say the support woman. This man has spent the last 4 years trying to destroy his wife’s career and they cheer him on. He is a FAKE conservative and hates Trump because he has done more to further conservatism then this fat fucking blob could have ever done. I think he is just ashamed that his wife is more successful then he is so he throws a temper tantrum.

  7. What an ugly bastard, inside and out.

  8. Ferret face f#ck!!. When democracy becomes tyranny the armed citizens still get to vote. Mike Vanderboegh Sipsey Street Irregulars.


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