90 Miles From Tyranny : Lin Wood tells Mark Levin he believes Trump won ’70 percent-plus landslide … over 400 electoral votes’

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Lin Wood tells Mark Levin he believes Trump won ’70 percent-plus landslide … over 400 electoral votes’

Powerhouse attorney Lin Wood, the man responsible for Richard Jewell and Nick Sandmann’s successful lawsuits against the establishment media, believes President Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election in a landslide.

Speaking on conservative commentator Mark Levin’s radio program Tuesday, Wood claimed that all the alleged voter fraud he’s uncovered has him convinced that the incumbent president won over 400 electoral votes in the race.

“This election was a fraud. Donald Trump won, I believe, clearly a 70 percent-plus landslide election in the nation. He probably won over 400 electoral votes,” Wood said.

“So we’re uncovering step by step the layers of the onion. And we’re going to get to the truth. And the truth is, Donald Trump has been re-elected by this country to serve as president for four more years. The truth will come out.”

Listen from the 23:42 mark below:

That’s a bold statement to make, especially given the media’s disputed declaration that Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden won the 2020 race with 306 electoral votes.

Wood remains confident nevertheless because he, a legendary attorney with decades of experience, genuinely believes the “election was stolen.”

“Donald Trump won by such a large margin that in the middle of the night they had to stop counting. And you’ll see in key states, they started bringing in ballots by the...

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  1. We're peeling back the layers"..."We're going to get to the truth"...We're going to file lawsuits...The lawsuits we've filed will prove fraud. I'm tired of it. As much as I would like to see the election overturned, it's not going to happen. Not only that, the actual fraud will never be investigated and no one will ever be held responsible. This has been going on for the last four years and I'm exhausted.

    Accept the loss. Take it like a man. If you feel like you have to wear a pussy hat and scream at the sky because President Trump lost, so be it. Just do it out of my sight. We all need to get ready for the mid-terms.


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