90 Miles From Tyranny : Arizona ‘expert witness’ Bobby Piton suspended from Twitter same day of explosive testimony

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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Arizona ‘expert witness’ Bobby Piton suspended from Twitter same day of explosive testimony

Bobby Piton, a mathematician who testified Monday at an election integrity hearing in Phoenix, Arizona, was suspended by Twitter that same day.

As the state certified its election results, Piton testified that the data he has collected county-by-county showed clear anomalies, as 95-99 percent of registered voters voted in key demographics: “Something is very wrong,” he said.

The Trump campaign shared a video clip of his remarks, to include Piton saying, “I would have never ever have certified, I would rather resign than have certified those results.”

“If I was an executive at a publicly traded company, I would never sign that because I risk jail time and having all my money taken from me in lawsuits,” he added. “I believe [the numbers] are fraudulent based on the data… I’d be willing to put my life on it, I’m that sure about the analysis.”

It’s not clear why Piton’s account was suspended by Twitter, or what “rules” he may have violated.

Benny Johnson, the chief creative officer at Turning Point USA, asked: Was this an “error” too like when this happened to @dougmastriano [during] the Pennsylvania hearing?”

This being a reference to Pennsylvania’s Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano, who was suspended from Twitter after he organized a hearing in Gettysburg to investigate claims of widespread vote fraud.

“We move heaven and earth with American dollars to secure elections in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere. We can’t do it in our own state?” Mastriano said. “There’s people in Pennsylvania not interested in safe...

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Quite a few people would consider a great shame if Twitter's servers were hacked!

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