90 Miles From Tyranny : Delusional Never Trump Losers Think We’re Going to Take Them Back

Friday, December 4, 2020

Delusional Never Trump Losers Think We’re Going to Take Them Back

I’m not sure what is the most distinguishing characteristic of the Never Trump sissies. Sure, they are contemptible worms who care about nothing but extending their pathetic grifts – and it’s not like the Grima Wormtongues of conservatism have any saleable skills other than treachery. This is, of course, why these grody creatures are naturally drawn to D.C., where their loathsome skills are appreciated.

But scumbags are a dime a dozen – what truly distinguishes these geebos is their bizarre confidence that someday us conservatives are going have an epiphany that we need them back and come begging them to return to their former glory as the Republican establishment’s managers of America’s decline.

Check out John Bolton, who never met a war he wasn’t happy to have your kids fight, on Twitter presuming to tell us how things are going to be: “Longer term, there must be a broad ‘conversation’ about the direction of the conservative movement and the Republican party. More from me in [link to lame weasel-blog deleted]

Yo John, we’ve already had a conversation. You just weren’t invited to it. Here’s how the conversation went:

“You know who sucks? People like John Bolton.”

“He stabbed the president in the back, so he’s certain to screw us over too.”

“Yeah, let’s never give him any kind of position where he can do damage in the future.”

“Agreed. Now, let’s move on. Item two: I think we can all agree that Brian Stelter is a potato.”

“Hear, hear!”

Yes, there are going to be many discussions about the future of the Republican Party. But one of the key premises is that the Never Trumpers who got the sadz because they lost the internal power struggle – mostly because they never conserved anything – and who collaborated with our enemies will have no part in them.

Now, you can see the three main brands of Never Trumpers – the active traitors...

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