90 Miles From Tyranny : EXPLOSIVE: Michigan Illegally Counted or Ignored 500K Ballots, Lawsuit Claims

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

EXPLOSIVE: Michigan Illegally Counted or Ignored 500K Ballots, Lawsuit Claims

In the wee hours of Thanksgiving Day, the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society filed an explosive election lawsuit asking Michigan’s Supreme Court to prevent Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson from certifying the election results until the Michigan legislature can fully investigate fraud claims and to force election officials to hand over all election materials to the legislature for this purpose. The lawsuit claims that officials illegally counted or threw out no fewer than 508,016 ballots, far more than Joe Biden’s 154,000-vote margin over Donald Trump.

“State and local officials brazenly violated election laws in order to advance a partisan political agenda,” Phil Kline, director of The Amistad Project, said in a statement. “The pattern of lawlessness was so pervasive and widespread that it deprived the people of Michigan of a free and fair election, throwing the integrity of the entire process into question.”

The Amistad Project is representing two female Michigan voters, Angelic Johnson and Linda Lee Tarver, who claim that election officials effectively robbed them of their votes by illegally undermining a fair election. In an interview with PJ Media, Ian Northon, an attorney representing Johnson and Tarver, explained the seven types of illegal counting the lawsuit alleges.

Citing state records, the lawsuit claims that Benson’s office sent out 355,392 unsolicited ballots. Northon explained that Michigan law requires two signatures for absentee voting: a signature on an application form and a signature on the security sleeve for the ballot. In this election, officials mailed out more than 300,000 ballots that no one had requested.

“They didn’t request them. You’ve just flooded the market with unsolicited ballots. No good can come of that,” Northon insisted.

Perhaps more concerning, almost 30,000 voters said they had sent in absentee ballots but Michigan’s voting records show those ballots were not counted. The lawyer explained that Matthew Brainard conducted a survey and found “29,682 people said they requested a ballot, said they voted, and their ballot wasn’t counted. The state’s records show it wasn’t counted.”

Why did their ballots not make it to the final tally? Northon said the Amistad Project has “more than three dozen affidavits” testifying that officials threw out ballots when they did not like the result. It is unclear whether or not the officials threw out ballots for Trump while counting ballots for Biden, but “when government officials are not following the laws as written, you’ve got a problem.”

Michigan officials counted another 35,109 ballots that were not associated with any address. This statistic is nothing short of mindboggling. According to Northon, voters “were sent an absentee ballot, but there’s no address on file. They voted. That violates the law.”

Michigan officials also counted 13,248 ballots cast by individuals who were registered to vote in another state. They also counted 317 ballots from people who voted more than once and 259 ballots from voters who...

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