90 Miles From Tyranny : Our Future Overlords In Their Benign State.....

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Our Future Overlords In Their Benign State.....

This Is Their Celebratory "It Was Sure Fun Subjugating The Human Race Today" Dance...

Who Needs Designer Pandemics...


  1. If those were real robots and not computer graphics, their movement and balance and yes, grace is sophisticated! and years ahead of the stumbling, bumbling robots of just years past. Terminator is closer then we think...

    1. Ambush with 12 gauge shotguns from left and right sides; aim for "head" and joints. Next problem. When __it gets real, the robots will be armed and supported by KGB/BATF types. Organize, arm, equip and train as militia for mutual self defense. Libertytreeradio.4mg.com

  2. We'll make great pets...if they're capable of empathy or compassion.

  3. That's just downright scary.


  4. That is not disturbing at all. Only thing now is to wait for the announcement that the company has been sold to the Chinese for a hundred thousand billion bucks.


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