90 Miles From Tyranny : Network News Uninterested in California Ruling to Release Sex Offenders, Pedophiles

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Network News Uninterested in California Ruling to Release Sex Offenders, Pedophiles

According to the likes of ABC, CBS, and NBC on Tuesday, the only thing newsworthy coming out of the State of California was their struggle with the coronavirus. But what they tried to keep under the radar was the state’s radical Supreme Court ruling that so-called “nonviolent” sex offenders could not be excluded from the state’s early parole program.

Instead of informing their viewers of California’s disturbing favoritism to sex offenders and pedophiles, the networks continued to boast about President-elect Joe Biden bashing President Trump’s vaccine distribution efforts. They also elevated Biden’s detail-free claim he’ll vaccinate one million Americans a day in his first 100 days in office.

It was a good thing that Fox News Channel’s Special Report was there to shed a light on what the liberal news outlets wanted to cover-up.

The release of such vile people stemmed from ballot proposition 57, which was pushed by former California Governor Jerry Brown (D). Despite Brown’s original promise that sex offenders and pedophiles would not be included in the early parole program, “Voters, experts say, may have been duped,” as reported by Fox News national correspondent William La Jeunesse.

“Now, the state Supreme Court says otherwise. ‘The proposition provides no indication that the voters intended to exclude from parole consideration an inmate’s sex offense when the inmate was convicted of a nonviolent felony,’” La Jeunesse read from the sickening ruling. As he read that, the on-screen headline accurately stated: "California goes soft on sex offenders."


Adding: “Prop 57 was one of several efforts to reduce prison overcrowding. Attorneys say the ruling means up to 20,000 inmates could be released early. Largely because only state law defines violent felonies, Prop 57 did not.”

La Jeunesse included a soundbite of Republican Assemblyman Jim Patterson, who was disgusted by...

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