90 Miles From Tyranny : Vermont Leftists Promote Racist New Plan to "Help" "People of Color" Buy Land

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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Vermont Leftists Promote Racist New Plan to "Help" "People of Color" Buy Land


Mr. Bee said...

The reason Vermont is the home of Bernie Sanders as well as the left most state in the union is that the population is low and a bunch of socialists decided to move there and change the state. It's time some conservatives from someplace like California chose a purple state in order to change it to red. A lot of conservative Californians have moved to Idaho in the last 30 years and the state is solidly red. I'm thinking Oregon should be next. 400,000 conservatives moving to Oregon would turn the state red and there were six million Trump voters in California.

Unknown said...

I'm afraid it would take a lot more than 400,000 new conservative Oregonians. Oregon's population is 4 million and the state votes 60-40 liberal. I think it would take a full million new conservatives to turn that around.

Don in Oregon

Unknown said...


This is the problem when people view everything through the lens of race. The fact is that poor people, irrespective of race, can't afford to buy houses or land. The solution is to end multi-generational poverty, which is a lot harder than providing government handouts.

Unknown said...