90 Miles From Tyranny : For Our Leftist Elites, the Double Standard’s Meant to Be Blatant. That’s the Point

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

For Our Leftist Elites, the Double Standard’s Meant to Be Blatant. That’s the Point

I came to understand our political situation today by watching gorilla documentaries. Let me explain.

At day’s end, when I’m exhausted, I wind down by finally turning on the television. The last things I usually watch are nature films, on the diverse, fascinating, and mostly apolitical channel CuriosityStream. For a grand total of $12 per year (as of now), you get access to thousands of polished, beautifully produced documentaries on every subject from ancient history to contemporary science. It’s the best entertainment money I’ve ever spent.

Invariably, I look for animal films. First of all, I’m a sucker for God’s innocent creatures, especially the furry ones. But I take delight in all the evidence of direct, Divine design all through the animal kingdom — from speeding sharks to circling condors. I do wish CuriosityStream would air some programming from the Discovery Institute. Its scientists do much better explaining nature via design than Darwinists do with their “just so” stories and smuggled-in teleology. (“Evolution developed the eagle’s eye to make it a better hunter… .”)

The Pyramid Is the Point

One thing I notice among most higher mammals, especially primates: the almost universal preoccupation with hierarchy. In some species, only the highest status female gets to breed. Once she claims that position, usually by bullying other females, it goes mostly unchallenged. But much more prevalent are species where the status that matters is male. The dominant male collects a harem of she-gorillas or sea lionesses, and fathers all the group’s children. Lesser males steer well clear of females, and accept the scraps from hunts, lest they summon the alpha male’s wrath. Often the dominant males will go out of their way to humiliate their lesser brethren, just to remind them who’s boss.

And that’s how to understand what’s happening politically right now in America.

As Lenin Asked: “Who Rules Whom?”

The default, fallen condition of man — absent Grace — can mirror that of the beasts. Despite our Redemption, we still struggle with the side-effects and lasting scars of the Fall. When our cultures reject the Gospel, that primate dynamic comes roaring back with a vengeance. (And even Christian societies are not immune to this perennial temptation.)

The most obvious instance of this arose with Islam. When Islamic warriors conquered their Jewish and Christian neighbors, they developed a system for ruling over vast, non-Muslim majorities. Polytheists they slaughtered outright, but to monotheists like us they offered the promise of safe, second-class citizenship (dhimmitude). We’d have to pay a special, heavy tax. We couldn’t display the emblems of our...

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