90 Miles From Tyranny : Report: Trump To Present ‘Bombshell’ Evidence That COVID Came From Wuhan Lab

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Report: Trump To Present ‘Bombshell’ Evidence That COVID Came From Wuhan Lab

Will also charge that WHO aided Chinese military in covering up the lab leak

In one of his last acts as President, Donald Trump is set to declassify ‘bombshell’ evidence linking the Wuhan Institute of Virology to the outbreak of COVID-19, according to a report.

Trump’s outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is planning to stage an ‘intervention’, outlining evidence that the coronavirus leaked from the Chinese lab, and is also expected to charge that the World Health Organisation aided China in covering up the catastrophe, the Daily Mail reports.

Senior officials in Washington are said to have claimed that Pompeo will present concrete evidence that the virus was not transmitted naturally from bats, pangolins or any other animal to humans, but came from inside the lab.

Pompeo will also disclose the ties between the lab and and the communist Chinese army, and claim that military experiments were being conducted there.

As regards the WHO, Pompeo is also expected to note that the organisation has consistently failed to get an investigation off the ground, and that its team, scheduled to arrive in China within days still has no plans to investigate the lab.

British government sources have also confirmed that chatter has increased over Pompeo and Trump planning the reveal.

On Monday, the White House issued a statement noting “The world cannot continue to pay heavy prices for its naiveté and complicity in Beijing’s irresponsible and harmful practices – whether it is ending the rule of law in Hong Kong or not cooperating with health officials on the pandemic.”

“The United States is examining further options to respond,” the statement further noted.

As we reported last week, top US National Security officials still believe that the most credible theory on the origin of COVID-19 is that it escaped from...

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  1. Who cares (no pun intended). There could be video evidence and ten thousand eye witnesses and it would not matter! Just like the evidence of 11/3 and 11/4. Why can't people grasp the concept? We have lost our country.

  2. that's how dumb they think you are. Insurrection act and martial law next. Keep doubling down assholes.


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