90 Miles From Tyranny : Here’s The Full List Of Every Lie Joe Biden Has Told Since Occupying The White house...

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Here’s The Full List Of Every Lie Joe Biden Has Told Since Occupying The White house...

As Lying Joe Biden assumes the Oval Office, The Federalist will continue its rigorous coverage of the new White House, keeping the administration accountable with substantive fact-checking throughout Biden’s tenure.

Biden Trashed President Trump’s Early China Travel Ban As Xenophobic Before Signing His Own

When President Trump implemented a travel ban on China in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, then-candidate Joe Biden railed against the executive action as “xenophobic” claiming such restrictions do not work.

Less than a year later, Biden has implemented his own travel bans on South Africa, Brazil, Great Britain, and 26 other European countries in the second week of his presidency.

Biden Team: Trump Vaccination Plan ‘Worse Than We Could Have Imagined’

After Biden staffers lied telling CNN there was “nothing for us to rework” in terms of a vaccination distribution plan, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted there was a plan at the podium during a Jan. 25 briefing they just won’t give credit.

Psaki told reporters the plan from the Trump White House was “much worse than we could have imagined.”

The plan inherited by the Biden White House however, has already put the new administration on trajectory to reach its goal of reaching 100 million vaccinated within its first 100 days.

Below is the chart outline for the distribution process under Operation Warp Speed, which produced not one, but two coronavirus vaccines in record time.

Biden Warns Pandemic Will Worsen After Pledging To Shut Down Virus

Lying Biden spent the entire campaign last year running on a platform to shut down the novel coronavirus, only to back away from the signature pledge on day three of his White House tenure with a bold admission.

“There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months,” Biden said on Jan. 22.

Not only did Biden’s official campaign promise acknowledge that “the trajectory of COVID-19 in America is headed in the wrong direction” and that his administration would be the solution, but Biden also pledged numerous times to “immediately put in place a national strategy that will position our country to finally get ahead of this virus and get back our lives.”

Biden Claims Federal Government Never Acted with Urgency to Combat Pandemic

Joe Biden claimed the federal government failed to “act with the urgency” that was necessary to combat the coronavirus pandemic, apparently neglecting to mention the Trump White House’s Operation Warp Speed that produced two viable coronavirus vaccines by the year’s end.

Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn also pointed out that Congress passed trillions in stimulus, providing funds for pandemic efforts and economic recovery.

Biden Team Tells CNN Trump Offered No Plan for Vaccine Distribution

Sources within the Biden administration told CNN they inherited no vaccine distribution plan from the previous White House.

“There is nothing for us to rework. We are going to have to build everything from scratch,” one source reportedly told CNN’s MJ Lee, except there was, as outlined in Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, included below.

The Biden team’s statements were also contradicted by the National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Anthony Fauci the same afternoon.

“We’re certainly not starting from scratch, because there is activity going on in the distribution,” Fauci told reporters.

Biden White House Claims Elites ‘Celebrating’ Is Exception to Mask Edict

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki justified Biden’s decision with his family to forgo face masks at the Lincoln Memorial after signing an executive order requiring them on all federal lands.

“He was celebrating a historic day in our country. … We have bigger things to worry about,” said Psaki, whose dismissal of the face mask as an insignificant issue was contradicted by the White House edict passed hours earlier.

Though Biden has received both shots of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines stipulate that vaccinated people are to continue wearing face masks, citing a lack of research showing whether those vaccinated can still spread the virus. While Biden likely did not need to wear a face mask, considering he was outside and adequately distanced from others, the absence of a mask flies in the face of Biden’s executive order, in which “celebrating” is not listed as...

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