90 Miles From Tyranny : Liz Cheney’s Political Support Collapses in Wyoming as Primary Challenger Takes Double-Digit Lead

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Liz Cheney’s Political Support Collapses in Wyoming as Primary Challenger Takes Double-Digit Lead

House GOP Conference Chairwoman Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has seen her political support completely collapse in Wyoming as solid majorities of both Republicans and all voters in the state want her out of office, a new poll shows.

What’s more, Cheney has fallen behind her primary challenger by more than double digits, a sharp turn in just weeks against the one-time rising star since she voted to impeach former President Donald Trump.

The poll, conducted by Trump’s team and first reported by Politico, shows 73 percent of Republicans in ruby red Wyoming view her unfavorably—while 62 percent of all voters in the state similarly view her unfavorably.

Only 10 percent of GOP voters, and 13 percent of all voters, say they would vote to reelect her, and she trails by more than 30 points—54 percent to 21 percent—against state Sen. Anthony Bouchard, who has announced a campaign against her since her impeachment vote.

The survey of 500 likely voters was conducted by Trump’s pollster John McLaughlin from Jan. 25 to Jan. 26, as revealed in a memo that McLaughlin wrote to Trump adviser Jason Miller.

“Liz Cheney’s decision to vote to impeach President Trump makes her extremely vulnerable,” McLaughlin wrote. “It is evident her ratings are in bad shape among general election voters and have collapsed among Republicans and Trump voters.”

Cheney has seen her fortunes crash not just in Wyoming—where at least one fellow U.S. House Republican, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), traveled to campaign against her—but in the U.S. House GOP conference as well.

As Breitbart News previously reported, more than half of the GOP conference have signed a petition saying they would vote on a secret ballot to oust her as chair. House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, meanwhile, has said he supports her staying in the position but believes she has to answer for her actions. McCarthy opposed the impeachment that Cheney...

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  1. Any & all GOP fundraising stuff that comes my way I answer with a curt "Until the GOP adopts & supports a very strict TRUMP America First, true conservative platform & stops rolling over for the left at every turn you will not get another dime from me."

    We've all seen that it can be done so WTF? Just DO IT already!!

  2. A lot of us Wyomingites detest her. She carpetbagged her way into office from VA and we look forward to getting rid of her neocon ass. Wyoming is a conservative place despite seemingly being infested wit a lot of lukewarm RINOs.

    1. Doom voting no longer matters. Party line democrat so we can kick all their rino assess into the street and put them out of a job

  3. I'm not sure Anthony should be the one to replace her, however...

  4. Just get rid of her. Any notion of her staying and changing her tune is a blatant lie to ourselves. She should never again be trusted in any capacity - not even as a Wal Mart greeter.


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