90 Miles From Tyranny : TD Ameritrade Joins The Criminal Cabal Protecting Hedge-fund Billionaires Against The Free Market..

Thursday, January 28, 2021

TD Ameritrade Joins The Criminal Cabal Protecting Hedge-fund Billionaires Against The Free Market..



  1. That'll make it easier to toss the junk mail TD Ameritrade keeps sending me trying to entice me into opening an account with them.

  2. What TD Ameritrade did here sounds completely reasonable. They aren’t going to loan customers money with the customers using shares as partial collateral (buying on margin) to buy stock in companies which are extremely volatile this week (potentially making the collateral worthless). They didn’t stop allowing purchase of shares (or purchase of call options), like Robinhood did.

  3. Eric you need to research some more. After regular joes went against the 148% short bets that the hedge funders hold and put them at a 54 billion loss position they made calls to all their connections and now have a few key platforms cutting the sellers off from selling as well as the SEC and other agencies looking into them. I call that a protection racket. The normies have bought the stock not shorted it. Charles Payne on fox business who I don't care for even went on a rant about these professional short sellers crushing companies.

  4. What Robinhood did (blocking purchase of GameStop shares yesterday) resulted in a large GameStop price drop and helped those hedge funders, and looks suspiciously like that “protection racket” you mentioned Bear Claw.

    However that is not what the post we are commenting on is about. The post reads “TD Ameritrade joins the criminal cabal protecting hedge-fund billionaires...” TD Ameritrade did not block any traders from buying GameStop. TD Ameritrade only said they are not going to loan money to people who will use it to buy GameStop (they restricted margin buying only). If were managing TD Ameritrade, that is exactly what I would do as well. If/when the stock price eventually falls and TD Ameritrade asks for repayment of those loans, plenty of those novice investors will be broke and not able to repay the loan. TD Ameritrade is not obliged to loan people money to speculate on extremely risky/volatile investments.


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