90 Miles From Tyranny : Joe Biden to Release 25,000 Illegal Aliens into the U.S. While Cases are Heard

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Joe Biden to Release 25,000 Illegal Aliens into the U.S. While Cases are Heard

The Biden administration announced today its plans to release tens of thousands of aliens waiting in Mexico for their next immigration court hearings into the United States “while their cases proceed”.

The first of an estimated 25,000 asylum-seekers in Mexico with active cases will be allowed in the United States on Feb. 19, authorities said. They plan to start slowly with two border crossings each processing up to 300 people a day and a third crossing taking fewer.

Ironically, “administration officials declined to name the crossings out of fear they may encourage a rush of people to those locations,” reports the Associated Press.

The disastrous, and down-right dangerous move is another regressive step made by the Biden administration when it comes to immigration. This time targeting the effective and common-sense Remain in Mexico program. The Migrant Protection Protocols was introduced in January 2019 and enrolled approximately 70,000 aliens.

This is in addition to reports that are already surfacing that after the first signs of a coming border surge, the Biden administration has restarted the tragic practice of ‘catch and release’, continually turning illegal aliens loose into the U.S. with a mear notice to appear, providing yet another magnet for increased illegal immigration.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who was found by the DHS Inspector General of using his authority to expedite and overturn previously declined EB-5 visa applications on behalf of senior members of the Democratic Party, stated on the matter:

As President Biden has made clear, the U.S. government is committed to rebuilding a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system. This latest action is another step in our commitment to reform immigration policies that do not align with our nation’s values.

However, this doublespeak seems to highlight some mixed messaging coming from the Biden administration; as DHS said the move “should not be interpreted as an opening for people to migrate irregularly to the United States.”

Administration officials have said repeatedly that the vast majority of people who cross the border illegally are quickly expelled but massive releases of alien families in Texas and California have worked against that...

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Wayne Wilson said...

Release them in DC. They have all money . Bunk them up in the parking garages. If Our Troops can live there , so can the illegals . American Citizens First .

Navy91 said...

Ha ha ha!!! Those cases won't be heard! Because the people aren't going to show up for their cases! (Of course, that's the point, isn't it?)

mountain boy said...

Yeah, free to enter this country with no restrictions while you better not question their decisions, not go out in public and obey the laws. F#ck the law, F#ck Biden and F#ck everybody who voted for him.