90 Miles From Tyranny : You Know That Your Justice System is Corrupt When:

Thursday, February 11, 2021

You Know That Your Justice System is Corrupt When:

Absolute Proof - Mike Lindell Election Documentary (FULL)



  1. Well Mike,Down in Florida Right Now Right This Minute has a INVASIVE ANIMAL SPECIE PLAQUE.With for example Burmese Pythons,Anacondas(Both Green and Yellow)Monitor Lizards,King Cobras etc.have tooken over the Everglades and have nearly EATEN ALL THE NATIVE ANIMAL LIFE.Next on the menu,MAN!!!In the word of God Numbers 21:6 God(Yahweh)The Father of Christ Jesus my Lord used FIERY SERPENTS to Judge the People

  2. I watched it. The sorry fact is NOTHING will get a rise about the Steal from our commie fuck media

  3. Judicial Watch does the job that the FBI is supposed to do, so it makes sense that a pillow guy does the job for the entire DOJ. Absolute disgrace what is going on in this country.

  4. Has judicial watch put anyone in jail? Has mike prosecuted anyone? Is it really the presses fault. I and all of us are to blame and nothing has been done. Sucking on that is the worst.

  5. How do you tell a Yankee zoo from a Southern zoo?

    They both have the same animals but a Southern zoo includes recipe cards at each enclosure.


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