90 Miles From Tyranny : China Using Surveillance Companies To Create Ethnic-Tracking Specs

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

China Using Surveillance Companies To Create Ethnic-Tracking Specs

Imagine automated AI racism that is institutionalized across a nation to cull out certain ethnic groups based on skin color and other physical characteristics. Would America’s woke culture rebel against it? China is perfecting the technology and will undoubtedly export it to other nations at some point. ⁃ TN Editor

Hikvision and Dahua helped write Chinese police video surveillance standards which include tracking people’s skin color – such as “black”, “yellow” and “brown” – and ethnicity, IPVM has verified.

These standards allow police to search video surveillance footage and mugshot/suspect databases via various ‘personal attributes’, including skin color. The standards are widely mandated by recent Chinese police security camera projects.

The standards also include “ethnicity” tracking, without naming any specific ethnicity. However, evidence found by IPVM indicates “ethnicity” tracking targets Uyghurs and Tibetans specifically.

In this report, IPVM investigates these standards and what they show about PRC police practices.

Reuters validated IPVM’s findings, publishing its own report on this:

Police Standards Explainer

The Chinese government issues detailed standards across all sectors of government, including for the police’s vast security camera networks. Police standards are issued by the Ministry of Public Security but each standard is written by a different mix of government research institutes, police departments, and surveillance companies. While the standards are officially “recommended”, as noted by a supplier of the standards, “‘Recommended’ is not voluntary, it should be treated as ‘mandatory'”.
Race Tracking Revealed

GA/T1400.3—2017 is a national standard for “public security video image information application systems” which includes “skin color” and ethnicity detection as “personal attributes” that police can search databases for...

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