90 Miles From Tyranny : Our Supreme Court: Cowards Or Compromised?

Friday, April 2, 2021

Our Supreme Court: Cowards Or Compromised?



  1. If they're compromised they did it to themselves. They should be terminated.

  2. Compromised: there are reports of Chief Justice Roberts on Jeffrey Epstein's pedo island. True? Don't know.

    Not treating Hillary fairly: the cliche' everyone (both parties) always gives is current administrations going after old administrations is banana republic stuff. OK, maybe. But dual standards of justice for the politicians and the normal people is banana republic stuff, too.

    It turns out those don't turn a country into a banana republic. They just demonstrate that a country already is one.

  3. I intend on using just what he said if/when I am called for jury duty. Let the chips fall, I've had enough.


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