90 Miles From Tyranny : Did The FBI Steal 9 Tons Of Civil War Gold?

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Friday, March 12, 2021

Did The FBI Steal 9 Tons Of Civil War Gold?

Did the FBI steal 9 tons of Civil War gold? This question has already featured in many a Travel Channel shows. But is there any truth to it? What actually happened?

The story begins in 1860 when legends have it that a big wagon that was stolen/missing in a remote area of western Pennsylvania, was filled with gold bullion. The load was supposed to reach the mint in Philadelphia but it never reached there.

This has led numerous treasure hunters to scour the forests in the area searching for a huge payday. Rumours suggest that the amount of gold in the wagon was around seven to nine tons that would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars today. But all the efforts to find that gold went in vain.

Things changed in 2018 as a duo of a father and son named Parada who co-own the treasure-hunting outfit Finders Keepers were searching Dent’s Run (a remote part of Elks County). They used a sophisticated metal detector and they found that it seemed to be a big hit of something metallic.

But permission was required to do any kind of excavating as the site was located on state land. For some reason or other, the duo ended up contacting the FBI in regard to their findings in January 2018.

Immediately, the FBI hired an environmental survey agency with a gravimeter. This agency was supposed to search the area. And the agency confirmed the presence of metallic mass under the ground.

In March of the same year, the FBI itself went to the site with shovels and other excavating tools to start excavating. Parada and Warren Getler, (an author who researches lost treasures of civil war time) had made arrangements with the FBI for observing the digging.

But they were asked to stay in their car by the FBI during digging. At the end of the second day, three men were taken up to the site by the FBI agents to show empty hole, and the agents told them that there was nothing.

But the investigators were told by the neighbours around the area that they saw earth moving equipment including dump trucks and backhoes and FBI vehicles in the area.

The digging continued at night when there was supposedly no digging going on and Parada and Getler were not around. The tale did not go well with them, but the FBI continued to tell that they found nothing.

Though by the FOIA request and orders of the court, now the FBI has released some mails at least on the issue and it certainly seems that the FBI knows more about the tale than they have been...

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Handy Handsome said...

Kinda like counting votes in 2020.

Unknown said...

Who in thier right mind looking for a massive treasure of any kind would think its a good idea to get the government involved