90 Miles From Tyranny : Exec of #MeToo Group That Covered for Biden’s Sex Abuse Heads His Gender Policy Council

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Friday, March 12, 2021

Exec of #MeToo Group That Covered for Biden’s Sex Abuse Heads His Gender Policy Council

Believe all women… except those who accuse powerful Democrats.

When Hollywood wanted to divert attention from its sexual abuse of women, it created Time’s Up and staffed it with political hacks from the Obama administration.

Time’s Up was built as a rival to the decentralized social media #MeToo movement. Replacing social media outrage driven by random people with a formal organization funded by Hollywood capital and controlled by the Democrat non-profit sector could prevent another Weinstein mess.

Despite being backed by Hollywood millionaires, the organization’s legal defense fund launched what became the largest fundraiser on GoFundMe: totaling almost $25 million. But critics pointed out that Time’s Up’s money was mostly going to salaries, rather than to victims.

There was even more outrage when Time’s Up Now co-sponsored a retreat at a spa filled with agents from CAA: a powerful talent agency backing Time’s Up which had been accused of covering up Weinstein's crimes. Rose McGowan, a key #MeToo figure, tweeted, “Times Up A vile PR stunt, a front for evil CAA & other human traffickers like Weinstein.”

In 2019, Lisa Borders, the CEO of Time's Up, was forced to resign when her son, a formerly homeless yoga instructor, was accused of groping one of his clients during a "healing" session. Borders explained that she was resigning because she wanted to defend her son, but still got paid $591,000 for half a year’s work as part of a “severance agreement” with the group.

Borders was replaced by Tina Tchen, Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff, who spent 2020 tanking what was left of the little credibility that the Obama/Hollywood front group still had.

Oprah Winfrey had helped launch #TimesUp with a Golden Globes speech declaring, “Their time is up” and she also hosted an interview with Time’s Up leaders on CBS: whose former CEO, Les Moonves, had been TV’s own version of Harvey Weinstein. The Time's Up celebs that Oprah interviewed, Shonda Rimes, and Natalie Portman, had not been assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. Or anyone. (McGowan also rightly blasted Portman's theatrics.)

But when a documentary about the women alleging that they had been raped by Russell Simmons, a celebrity hip-hop producer who was also a pal of racist Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, was close to release, Oprah Winfrey pulled out, under pressure from Simmons.

Time’s Up not only joined Oprah in refusing to support the victims, but allegedly started a whispering campaign to sabotage the documentary. A Hollywood Reporter investigation tied together Tina Chen and the role of former Obama consoligere Valerie Jarrett, and noted that, “$2.9 million of Time's Up gross receipts in 2018 came from...

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