90 Miles From Tyranny : White Supremacy Starter Kit:

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

White Supremacy Starter Kit:

Remember Kids, Anyone Can Be A White Supremacist. If Everyone In America Becomes A White Supremacist, And We Just Label Ourselves As Americans... Then We Can End White Supremacy!

Imagine All The People, Living Life In Peace... You Can Say I'm A Dreamer.... Or Maybe A Dream Weaver:

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Doom said...

Every one of those requires talents. And a lot of them. Some people are natively born without those talents... I daresay the majority of the world. But if you were born with those talents, and expected to use them, then you honestly expect others to have and use them. Most of the world still poops in a field and wipes with their hands. They will... never be on time. Many of them can't tell time.

Biden is importing as many of them as possible. Unfortunately, in his world view, the worst of them have a difficult time getting here.