90 Miles From Tyranny : Donald Trump: Republicans at Every Level Should ‘Immediately Ban Critical Race Theory’

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Donald Trump: Republicans at Every Level Should ‘Immediately Ban Critical Race Theory’

Former President Donald Trump berated Democrats and the left for pushing critical race theory education during a speech on Saturday, urging Republicans at every level of government to fight the radical ideology.

Trump criticized the Biden administration for trying to “indoctrinate America’s schoolchildren with poisonous and divisive left-wing doctrine” by pushing critical race theory.

He described the effort as “the exact opposite of the American belief that we are all created equal in the holy image of God.”

Trump spoke about critical race theory during a speech to North Carolina Republicans on Saturday, updating his usual campaign speech to focus on the controversial topic.

Trump praised North Carolina State House Republicans for passing limits on the use of critical race theory in schools, and called for all Republicans to do the same.

“Republicans at every level should move to immediately ban critical race theory in schools, and we should ban it in workplaces, we should ban it in our states, and we should ban in the federal government. And it should be done immediately,” Trump said.

The former president’s comments criticizing critical race theory earned wild cheers and applause from the audience.

He also used the threat of critical race theory to promote the idea of school choice:
If government-run schools are going to indoctrinate children with radical ideas, Republicans must immediately pass legislation to empower every parent in America to opt-out of the insanity and send their child to the public-private charter or religious school of their choice.
Trump criticized the “socialist Democrats” for pushing their radical ideology into...

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