90 Miles From Tyranny : EXCLUSIVE: FBI Director Wray stonewalls Congress on ‘Warrantless Surveillance’ of Americans

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Director Wray stonewalls Congress on ‘Warrantless Surveillance’ of Americans

FBI Director Christopher Wray has stonewalled members of the powerful House Judiciary Committee for more than a month after possible evidence emerged that the bureau was conducting warrantless surveillance of Americans. Wray’s refusal to answer numerous questions posed by Congressional members during a hearing on June 10, was met Monday with a letter from House Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan demanding that the FBI respond to Congress.

Congressional members have raised serious concerns regarding the bureau’s apparent abuse of surveillance powers granted in section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Through Section 702 the FISA court allows for U.S. intelligence community (mainly the NSA) to monitor foreigners but that becomes a backdoor to monitor Americans who are in communication with foreigners.

I spoke with Jordan this afternoon regarding the letter and he told me the “premise here is simple, we want Director Wray to answer the questions that he came to the committee to testify about.” Jordan noted that these questions were not just posed from “Republicans, but Democrats, and we would like information from the questions we posed to at the hearing.”

He said holding the FBI accountable for answering those questions is not easy but “in the end the founders made it so congress controls the purse strings – we want to continue raising the issues and hopefully Wray will get us the answers.” Jordan also noted “that along with the problems with the FISA issue, there are questions about the southern border that are not being answered, as well there are numerous questions regarding journalists like Tucker Carlson, which it appears the NSA was spying on him. These must be answered.”

In the letter Jordan chided Wray for failing to answer numerous questions still plaguing the FBI’s now debunked investigation into President Donald Trump, as well as continued concern that the bureau is still utilizing its powerful intelligence to tools to spy on...

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  1. FBI Director Christopher Wray is an upper tier swamp creature.

  2. It depends if you are a Demonrat no warrantless Surveillance. Republican of course we do


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