90 Miles From Tyranny : Middle School Teacher Fired for Informing Parents That Their Two Children Had Decided to Become ‘Transgender’

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Middle School Teacher Fired for Informing Parents That Their Two Children Had Decided to Become ‘Transgender’

School staff facilitated the 'trans' behavior — and kept it from the parents.

School officials pushing the “transgender” agenda in middle schools have become hostile and brutal toward those who refuse to comply.

A Massachusetts middle school teacher with a spotless 20-year record has been fired by the principal and superintendent. Her “crime” was informing the parents of a boy and girl what the school staff was doing to their children. In their zeal to fire her, they concocted a list of phony reasons that were easily debunked by the teacher’s attorney. But the firing still went forward.

In our earlier posts we described Bonnie, a principled Social Studies teacher at Baird Middle School in Ludlow, Mass., who prioritizes the well-being of students over any adult agendas.

In late 2019, Bonnie raised the alarm over the sexually graphic and explicit books being given to the children to read. Parents were angry and outraged. The school lashed back at Bonnie. The librarian filed a formal “harassment, bullying, discrimination, and hate crimes” complaint against her. It was completely phony — meant as intimidation — and went nowhere. And Bonnie refused to be intimidated.

Bonnie Informs Parents About Their Children’s ‘Transgender’ Issues in School

Starting in late 2020, teachers and guidance counselors at Baird took advantage of the COVID disruption to introduce radical “transgender” ideas to children. They told children to decide their “preferred pronouns” and persuaded them that they might have been born in the “wrong” sex if they have certain interests. As children’s confusion grew, teachers would give them opposite-sex names to use in class. All of this was purposefully kept from their parents. Teachers were specifically told not to tell parents about this in at least one email that we’ve published.

In late February 2021, Bonnie saw that a sister and brother (ages 11 and 13) in the same family were now claiming to be “transgender” and seeking “gender transition.” She became very upset and informed the parents.

Both parents were extremely grateful to Bonnie — and were furious at the school officials for hiding this from them. The parents approached the principal and (with the help of MassResistance) met with the superintendent and demanded that...

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