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Monday, August 2, 2021

The GOP in Absentia

Of the many life lessons my high school wrestling coach taught me, one such gem resonates with me 39 years hence: "Boy Scouts don't win street fights." I find that truism uniquely relevant to today's political pickle.

The late Andrew Breitbart observed that politics is downstream from culture. One upshot thereof is that being the minority party does not absolve elected representatives of their duties. As we saw from 2017–2020, the left has taken to heart the old axiom about the squeaky wheel — despite not having the votes to implement their agenda in Congress, they effected it culturally by being the loudest voices in the media and on the street. The left also understands the phenomenon known in some circles as "Culture Creep," in others as the "Overton Window of Political Possibility" (defined by conceptually.org as "the range of ideas the public is willing to consider and accept"), whose relevant gist is that if one does not speak out against the cultural rot taking place a thousand miles away, he will soon find that rot has spread to his front yard. How is the GOP combatting the rot these days?

According to Johns Hopkins, the survival rate of COVID-19 is better than 98% for all age ranges. The data regarding deaths and other health complications associated with the mRNA vaccine raise valid concerns. Simple physics informs professionals such as engineers and filter manufacturers that a cloth or paper mask is powerless to stop virus molecules. A recent lab analysis of masks worn by children for 5–8 hours found antibiotic-resistant bacteria, as well as pathogens that cause maladies such as E coli, pneumonia, tuberculosis, meningitis, diphtheria, and Legionnaires' disease. Recent data show that, rather than curtail the spread of COVID-19, lockdowns exacerbated it. Finally, we know that (a) unvaccinated, asymptomatic people do not spread viruses; (b) the young are the least likely to be harmed by COVID-19; (c) there are numerous therapeutics available that have treated COVID-19 (among them, the HCQ/azithromycin combination, and ivermectin); and (d) since the dawn of humankind, we have successfully combatted viruses with natural defense mechanisms — among them B cells and T cells.

Nonetheless, the Biden administration deploys propaganda squads door to door (in at least one instance, shadowed by vaccine-packing technicians). Dr. Fauci et al. insist that the only road to herd immunity is via vaccines (despite the fact that the way a traditional vaccine works is by using a dead/inert form of the target virus to stimulate one's natural defenses, such as B cells and T cells — exactly what exposure to the live virus will do). Dr. Fauci et al. insist that people don makeshift masks even if they've been vaccinated. The Biden bureaucracy encourages private businesses to demand that their employees take...

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  1. "despite not having the votes to implement their agenda in Congress, they effected it culturally by being the loudest voices in the media and on the street".

    I expect it will get much louder and their voices will be drowned out.


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