90 Miles From Tyranny : The Data Proves It And The Science Says That The Covid Vaccine Is A Killer

Sunday, September 19, 2021

The Data Proves It And The Science Says That The Covid Vaccine Is A Killer



Unknown said...

Surely there were many times more vaccines administered this year compared to previous years.

If there were 10x more, you would fully expect to see the 10x increase as shown in the left-hand chart.

Yet the right-hand chart shows only a 5x increase.

Without knowing the increase in administrated vaccine doses this year vs previous, this chart shows nothing and proves nothing.

Don in Oregon

Rahnidaho said...

When you start your comment with "surely"
Everything after is just a guess or cognitive dissonance. Lol
16-3 against is all I need to know.

MolonLabe2012 said...

Alright Don. People need to do just a little research and basic math before making statements about how useful or not a particular graph is. Making inaccurate assumptions about relative scale completley undermines the utility of graphs.

Here's a summary by the CDC that shows historical data on flu vaccines distributed year to year in the United States. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/prevent/vaccine-supply-historical.htm
I think this is a fair comparison since the flu vaccine has been the most common in the US and is the closet to the vaccines being evaluated right now. So, since 2011, the starting year in the FDA review slides, there's only been approximately a 26% increase in the number of flu vaccines distributed. (That's being generous and not taking the lowest number from the CDCs chart.)

Also, while the overall increase in adverse reactions has increased by "only" 10X, if you divide the numbers of deaths for 2021 by the average deaths of past years it's around 40X the number of reported fatalities.

You can all double check my estimates though.

Unknown said...

I ran numbers a couple days ago. If you count all our childhood vaccinations, plus the flu shots and the yearly number of shots for shingles and pneumonia (based on US doses delivered per year), the number of shots averages out to about 0.8 per year per capita. Our rate of COVID shots in 2021 works out to about the same overall, but the year isn't over. At most we should've seen about a three-fold increase in VAERS reports, but we saw a 13-fold increase.