90 Miles From Tyranny : Thomas Massie shares Christmas photo of entire family holding guns, triggered left lose their minds

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Thomas Massie shares Christmas photo of entire family holding guns, triggered left lose their minds

Proud Republican and Second Amendment supporter Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky is being denounced and demonized by Democrat activists and their media allies for the purported sin of exercising his constitutional rights.

Massie is a legal gun owner. So are the members of his family.

On Saturday, the Republican congressman posted a “Merry Christmas” tweet containing a photo of his family standing or sitting in front of a Christmas tree. Each member of the family, all of them adults, was carrying a legal firearm.

Besides saying “Merry Christmas,” the tweet also asked Santa Clause to “bring more ammo.”


The tweet boasted nearly 60,000 likes as of Sunday morning because America is awash in proud gun owners who recognize the importance of the Second Amendment.

But the tweet was also littered with negative comments from leftists — including “journalists,” professors and actors, of course — accusing the congressman of being “disgusting” and “insensitive” for celebrating his constitutional rights.

According to his critics, his decision to post the photo showed a lack of empathy because it was posted only days after a mass school shooting in Michigan.

Some critics also predictably made it racial, accusing Massie’s family of being “insecure, frightened white folks.”

Here’s a sample of the backlash:

The backlash goes on for days, and that’s just the backlash from blue check mark elites.

As of Sunday morning, there were likewise also hundreds, if not thousands, of media reports slamming the so-called “controversial” Republican for his photo.

One media report came from CNN, where a father who lost his son during the Parkland shooting in 2018 called the post “very nasty” and compared it to death threats.

“I don’t feel sad when I see this kind of weird messages from people or threats. I receive them all day long. I feel that I need to do a better job,” he said.

He meant that he needs “to do a better job” advocating for gun control.


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  1. I have no problem with any person supporting our rights and especially a member of Government. I have problems when members of Government do not support our rights and people do not believe in them. It is especially bad when we have people that have been given approval to be here from foreign countries either for temporary stay or given citizenship yet they do not support our Constitution, which they had agreed to for being in the country.

  2. Cry me a river Blue Checks. These are the same folks celebrating the “bravery” of those women in DC popping abortion pills like they were candy.

  3. Lefties are such simple minded dolts, easily triggered. The sight of a firearm causes loads of Lefties to come down with a case of the vapors? The gun used in MI did not kill anybody, the young white kid did the killing. Maybe Massie should remove the three young white males in his pic to soothe the hurt feelings. Then, nobody would be able to have a Christmas card with a black male or a vehicle in it because the WI Christmas parade massacre was perpetuated by a red SUV that happened to have a black male behind the wheel. Right Libbies? Remember the WI parade massacre?

  4. "I wonder if you and your charming family know what those things do when their bullets hit humans"

    Reply--"We wouldn't know. We only ever shot communists."

  5. A Thonmpson .45, that's what I'd for Christmas.

  6. He is the "only" person in DC worth his salt. I have seen most of his tweets and many videos of him speaking out publicly. He was the only no vote on the very first stimulus bill trump signed. I still thank him for that today. Write in his name for president next election even though voting is mostly useless. If they can't keep up with the count maybe we can catch a break.


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