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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Self Delusion Of The Sheepishly Compliant Cultists...

Warning lights are flashing down at quality control.
Somebody threw a spanner, they threw him in the hole.
There's rumors in the loading bay and anger in the town.
Somebody blew the whistle, and the walls came down.

There's a meeting in the boardroom,
They're trying to trace the smell.
There's leaking in the washroom,
There's a sneak in personnel.

Somewhere in the corridors,
Someone was heard to sneeze.
Goodness me
Could this be
Industrial disease?


Mike said...

One of my favorite Dire Straits cuts. Saw the Love Over Gold tour in Japan. Transplendent.

Scott said...

Most awesome post Sir

Tsquared said...

My fully Pfizer vaxed wife brought home the Delta variant to share with me. I did not get any vax. We are both 60. She was sicker and ran a higher fever. She had it 3 days prior to my catching it. We both got over it at the same time about 3 weeks later.

I take that as proof that the vax does nothing to help and it seemed to make things worse for my wife as she has been in better health than I am over the past few years.

HalfElf said...

I have been telling sheeple that you can not prove a negative result. The logic used to claim it may not keep you safe, but it reduces the symptoms can not be supported. You will never know if it reduced your symptoms, or if your own internal immune system did it's job correct.