90 Miles From Tyranny : Who Is The Greatest Train Robber Of All Time? George Gascón - Los Angeles District Attorney And Soros Crony...

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Who Is The Greatest Train Robber Of All Time? George Gascón - Los Angeles District Attorney And Soros Crony...

“I have been with Union Pacific for 16 years, and I have never, ever seen this situation to this degree,” said Lupe Valdez, the company’s senior director of public affairs.

Valdez says, on average, 90 of their containers are compromised each day. But between October 2020 and October 2021, train robberies have picked up exponentially by a whopping 356%. Union Pacific has increased its enforcement and patrols, and has put drones to work, but now they are looking into diverting trains so they don’t pass through Los Angeles County at all.

“We are making arrests, but what our officers are seeing on the ground is that people are basically being arrested, there is no bail, they come out the next day and come back to rob our trains,” Valdez said.

Union Pacific’s chief has a meeting with the LAPD next week, and last month, sent a letter to Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón, calling this a “spiraling crisis” and imploring his office to hold criminals accountable.

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  1. In 1979 I was a criminal and not a good one. Bad one. Unskilled. Got caught. Went to State prison for 5 years 6 months. Was there on a double 5 year back to back. Taught me dang lesson = "don't do the crime then don't do the time". Children are being taught quite the opposite today and that's a crime in itself.

  2. Chicago cops had an answer... a long time ago, when the Dems were in town for their general nomination in 1968. Wild man crazy mode. Shoot him ... judicious protection for the rest of us!! Then ask real federal troops interaction. Be hard today federales on the opposing team, scheesh

  3. My family lives in Kamiah Id. Next to the train tracks by a lumber mill was a huge pile of 2x12 lumber that had fallen of several flat cars. It sat there for months neatly stacked. One day a couple of locals decided to help themselves to this beautiful lumber. As they were loading a federal official from the rail road pulled up and arrested them. I heard they were charged and sentenced to 5 years in prison.


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