90 Miles From Tyranny : Witnesses: Capitol Police Denied Medical Treatment to Pro-Trump Officer Brian Sicknick on Jan. 6 Shortly Before He Died

Friday, January 14, 2022

Witnesses: Capitol Police Denied Medical Treatment to Pro-Trump Officer Brian Sicknick on Jan. 6 Shortly Before He Died

Two eye witnesses have emerged to journalist Tayler Hansen to allege that pro-Trump officer Brian Sicknick was denied critical medical care on the scene of the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol demonstration.

“In a vain attempt to cover their wrongdoings, Officer Sicknick was elevated to the level of a martyr, placed in the Capitol Rotunda for three days, and honored as their hero. What better place to hide a body than in plain sight, and then move it to Arlington National Cemetery,” Hansen wrote on his Substack account.

One witness, Rod Taylor, offered his eyewitness account to Hansen about how he gave assistance to Sicknick when his fellow Capitol police officers would not.

“I noticed a couple of regular citizens assisting a police officer out of the doors, and saying that he needed help. I stepped forward to assist. I engaged officer Sicknick face to face, with my hands on his shoulders, and realized that he was suffering some kind of medical episode; I guessed it was a stroke since he appeared confused, disoriented, and physically unstable but with no evidence of any injury,” Taylor said.

An additional witness, Christopher Alberts, spoke out to Hansen about how he attempted to give first aid to Sicknick while other cops stood around and did nothing.

“I looked at one of the officers and said I have medical training at least let me take a look at him until he gets help and was told no. I said cuff me in front if you have to, someone needs to check on him he does not look good, I was told medical was on the way. Again I pleaded with them saying ya’ll need to get him help now, he is looking worse every minute. Close to 20 minutes pass as they were more focused on rounding up protestors and even homeless people in the area herding them onto busses like cattle,” Alberts said.

“As I walked past Officer Sicknick I could see that his face is pale and his movements were slow, you could clearly see something was seriously wrong. I told the officers moving me that they really need to get him help and not even laying a hand on him I could tell he had all the signs of someone suffering from a stroke. I was told to...

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  1. Cold blooded murder, His death is on Nancy Pelosi and Capitol Police no matter what honors they may have given him they refused medical treatment just because he was a pro Trump supporter.


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