90 Miles From Tyranny : New York Sues 10 Gun Companies Over Alleged ‘Ghost Gun’ Parts Distribution

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Thursday, June 30, 2022

New York Sues 10 Gun Companies Over Alleged ‘Ghost Gun’ Parts Distribution

New York filed suit against ten national gun distributors Wednesday, alleging they illegally sold so-called “ghost gun” frames and receivers to the public.

The lawsuit, filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James, alleges that the defendants sold the “unfinished” frames and receivers without a background check or traceable record of sale. The defendants allegedly violated federal law of selling firearms without a serial number in order for law enforcement to trace them during a crime scene.

The 10 distributors include Blackhawk Manufacturing Group, Salvos Technologies, Brownells Inc and Indie Guns LLC, according to the suit.

“In Defendants’ own words, the products they sell are ‘ridiculously easy’ to convert into fully operable and completely untraceable firearms. Nonetheless, despite their illegality, Defendants continue to sell these products into New York State,” the lawsuit said. “Defendants persist in endangering the health and safety of the public by delivering to private individuals everything they need to make a deadly firearm at home.”

Consumers can use these products to assemble a firearm within 30 minutes and sell it for up to $2,000, the suit said. The suit said these parts fall out of the federal definition of a firearm and are therefore able to sell them without following laws and regulations surrounding the purchase and sale of guns.

The frame refers to the core part of a pistol or handgun and the receiver is the core of a rifle, shotgun or other long gun, according to the suit.

The suit alleged that one of the defendants, Brownells, sold “ghost guns” to an individual with a criminal background and used one of the firearms in a triple shooting that killed one and injured two others in the Bronx. The individual also received shipments from Glockstore and Primary Arms, according to ABC News.

“Defendants’ illegal market and business practices permitted the killer to acquire a...

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Anonymous said...

Weapons don’t leave serial numbers at crime scenes, and they can’t trace serial numbers that they aren’t supposed to retain. There’s no general serial number/purchaser database.

Rocketdog said...

It's New York, they never met a gun they did not hate. Fuck them. 80 percent parts are not firearms until completed by the builder. Its "just a clump of parts"....

Mind your own business said...

Let's hope these cases get dismissed with prejudice, because the NY AG's office is too stupid to understand what is a firearm. And they should have to cover the legal costs of the firearms manufacturers, because this is just malicious prosecution.
Oh, and the NY AG office attorneys? They should get sanctioned by the NY Bar Association for their malpractice, if not disbarred.