90 Miles From Tyranny : PA Drag Queen Arrested and Charged with 25 Counts of Child Pornography

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

PA Drag Queen Arrested and Charged with 25 Counts of Child Pornography

A drag queen in Pennsylvania faces over 40 criminal charges, including 25 felony child pornography charges, following the conclusion of a two-year investigation.

According to The Post Millenial, Brice Patric Ryschon Williams allegedly uploaded and shared at least 135 videos on photos of child pornography.

In May 2020, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children submitted a tip about sexually explicit files including minors to the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General’s Child Predator Section.

The files were allegedly uploaded to a Dropbox with an email registered to Anastasia Diamond, or Ana D. This is the name Williams used when performing drag. At least 49 of the 76 files were found to contain children under 18 performing sexual acts, Tri-State Alert reported.

In July 2020, NCMEC submitted another tip about 10 more explicit files uploaded by the same user. Authorities determined at least 9 of those files contained child pornography.

A search warrant was eventually issued to Dropbox concerning Ana D’s account, and authorities found a total of 135 files containing child pornography, Tri-State Alert reported.

Two more files were uploaded to the Dropbox in December 2020, and authorities were able to validate one of them. Investigators finally tracked the home suspected of uploading the illegal files in 2021.

Investigators confirmed Williams was living in the home, and he was allegedly performing in drag as Anastasia Diamond, which matched the name associated with the Ana D email address. A recovery email address for the Ana D Dropbox account also included Williams’ real name.

Special Agent Travis Nye was finally able to obtain a search warrant for the home on June 22. Authorities carried out the warrant the next day and escorted Williams out of the house while they did so.

Williams initially denied any involvement with child pornography, even as investigators found his phone number matched the backup phone number listed on the Ana D Dropbox account.

Investigators found at least 25 child pornography files on Williams’ phone, which Nye said was just a small sample of the explicit material on the phone. Williams finally admitted to searching for, possessing and sharing child pornography after his devices were found.

He told investigators he was first exposed to child pornography in 2014, and he subsequently began using cloud storage applications to receive and distribute it with others. He was arrested and...

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explainist said...

What purpose does a drag queen serve? what problem do they solve? what would compel you to look one up, find it's phone number and converse with it?

this one is fat and ugly. if it dances it would look like a hippo walking on a bed of hot coals. I can imagine the singing voice, and I would rather not.

it's like a fish bicycle or rap tuba. if you could, why would you?

Anonymous said...

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Rick said...

Before the pervese ('drag queen' being the current sobriquet) was the acclaimed story teller. The intended goal was to elevate the child's interest in the subject of instruction.

But the entire idea of needing a hook, a beguilement of the children is itself a symptom of perversity; placing the onus on excitement of how the subject is taught renders the subject itself as secondary importance.

Like an addict needing not only the next high, but a high more deep, more thrilling, the so-called educators look for the next thrill to entice the children towards 'learning'.

Now has come the place when the subject of sound instruction is supplanted by indoctrination. It has always been necessary for the weak and the perverse to surround themselves with the like-minded. In 'education', where the like-minded cannot be found, they are created. The children are targeted.

Handy Handsome said...

Fucking freak !