90 Miles From Tyranny : Visage à trois #323

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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Visage à trois #323

Three Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure:

Three Additional Bonus Videos:

Videos That Are:
  • Usually Short.
  • Usually Timely.
  • Usually Scraped, Gleaned And Pilfered From Social Media.

Visage à trois #280 - Shall Not Be Infringed Edition...

1 comment:

Rick said...

That guy won the lottery. A spark or just the concussion could have caused serious if not fatal injury.
It happens often.

You'd be astounded by a map which showed the many pipelines crisscrossing the country. It wouldn't even have to show ALL the pipelines. There may be a gas line under your driveway or easement.

I flew pipeline patrol. We'd look for the guy building a new barn, digging to plant rose bushes, even the guy teaching his son how to run a backhoe in his backyard. I mention these specific things because all nearly punctured a 54" pressurized line for jet fuel. And all claimed ignorance even though either they had been previously warned by the Sheriff or they ignored an easy to read sign warning.

Even among the people who know about the free 811 number to call before you dig, many say they didn't call because they're not digging 'that deep'. As if they know the depth of a pipe.
Please call before you dig.