90 Miles From Tyranny : Migrant Raped Nine-year-old Swedish child and left her in a coma...

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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Migrant Raped Nine-year-old Swedish child and left her in a coma...

A 9-year-old Swedish girl was raped and left for dead on a playground by an Ethiopian migrant, who had just obtained a permanent residence permit. The little girl is still in a coma.

A “minor” is suspected of the crime against the young victim: brutal rape and attempted murder at a playground in Skellefteå. There is no known connection between the victim and her attacker, according to Swedish news outlet Samnytt.se.

The 13-year-old boy suspected of trying to kill a nine-year-old girl in Skellefteå may in fact be older than he claims. This is what Andreas Nyberg, the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, told several media outlets.

Nyberg told TV4 that the criminal qualification in this case, in addition to attempted murder, is now aggravated rape of a child. The seriously injured girl is still in hospital in a critical condition and has still not regained consciousness.

The prosecutor said that the age of the suspected immigrant, allegedly aged 13, was uncertain, and that it is possible that he is in fact of age.

Investigators are currently scrambling to gather documents to pinpoint the boy’s real age. In addition, he will undergo a medical assessment to determine his age.

The suspect and his family arrived in Sweden from Ethiopia in the summer of 2017. The boy has been accused of abusing other girls and young women in Skellefteå.

Last summer he was suspected of assaulting an adult woman in the city. He is known in the municipality and has been moved to different schools. Despite this, at the end of June this year, he obtained a permanent residence permit in Sweden.

The suspect was neither arrested nor detained because of his “young age”. This fact has especially aroused strong reactions, both in...

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Old Tech said...

He's of age, no question.
Time to revive an Old Norse punishment for him: Blood Eagle.

Anonymous said...

Don’t care who you are, dont care where you live, You can be certain of this...
Your meeting with Satan has just been moved to priority status and not only
are you going to be really early, you’re going to be unrecognizable when you arrive.

Anonymous said...

To find his age cut him in half and count his rings