90 Miles From Tyranny : Ivermectin Reduces COVID Death Risk By 92%, Peer-Reviewed Study Finds

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Monday, September 5, 2022

Ivermectin Reduces COVID Death Risk By 92%, Peer-Reviewed Study Finds

A new peer-reviewed study found that regular use of ivermectin reduced the risk of dying from COVID-19 by 92%.

The large study was conducted by Flávio A. Cadegiani, MD, MSc, PhD. Cadegiani is a board-certified endocrinologist with a master’s degree and doctorate degree in clinical endocrinology.

The peer-reviewed study was published on Wednesday by the online medical journal Cureus. The study was conducted on a strictly controlled population of 88,012 people from the city of Itajaí in Brazil.

Individuals who used ivermectin as prophylaxis or took the medication before being infected by COVID experienced significant reductions in death and hospitalization.

According to the study, those who took ivermectin regularly had a 92% reduction in their COVID death risk compared to non-users and 84% less than irregular users.

“The hospitalization rate was reduced by 100% in regular users compared to both irregular users and non-users,” the study stated.

The impressive reduction for regular ivermectin users was evident despite the regular users being at a higher risk for COVID deaths. The regular users were older and had a higher prevalence of type 2 diabetes and hypertension than irregular and non-users.

Irregular users of ivermectin had a 37% lower mortality rate reduction than non-users.

The study defined regular users as those who used more than 30 tablets of ivermectin over five months. The dosage of ivermectin was determined by...

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Mind your own business said...

The EUA's should be rescinded immediately.

Drew458 said...

The Argentina study of ivermectin and carageenan found pretty much the exact same thing, and it was published just over a year ago. Those following the treatments and trials knew about it months earlier.


Love how they mention Dr. Kory in the 2nd paragraph.

Actually, the Argentina study was more about ivermectin keeping you from getting the dang wuflu in the first place. But other studies have shown it reduces severity and death by huge amounts too.

Oh and guess what is not just the cure for Long Covid, but a way to mitigate the side effects of the jabs, which dump zillions of evil spike proteins in you? Uh huh, the horse wormer stuff.

And this has also been out there for well over a year.