90 Miles From Tyranny : CIA Agent Admits They Paid Scientists to Change Their Opinions on COVID

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Friday, September 22, 2023

CIA Agent Admits They Paid Scientists to Change Their Opinions on COVID

In a separate letter, the House committee leaders identified former CIA chief operating officer Andrew Makridis as having “played a central role” in the probe and asked to interview him.

Let's put this headline another way:

The CIA Paid Scientists To Protect China, Misinform The American People And Ending Up Destroying All Confidence In The Motives Of The CIA And Of Scientists.

In a letter addressed to CIA Director William Burns on Tuesday, it was revealed that a high-ranking CIA officer informed leaders of a House committee that the agency attempted to offer financial incentives to six analysts. The aim was to persuade them to alter their stance on the origins of SARS-CoV-2, suggesting that the virus emerged from an animal source rather than from a lab in Wuhan.

“According to the whistleblower, at the end of its review, six of the seven members of the Team believed the intelligence and science were sufficient to make a low confidence assessment that COVID-19 originated from a laboratory in Wuhan, China,” the House panel chairmen wrote.

“The seventh member of the Team, who also happened to be the most senior, was the lone officer to believe COVID-19 originated through zoonosis.”

“The whistleblower further contends that to come to the eventual public determination of uncertainty, the other six members were given a significant monetary incentive to change their...

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JG said...

I bet these CIA members are still in their jobs.

43GPW said...

Nope, they all got promoted....

Jeffery in Alabama said...

I hope this "agent" isn't Arkancided.